Reasons Why You Need Window Shutters

Are you wondering whether or not you need window shutters for your home? Well, here is what you need to know about the benefits of window shutters and why they are good for your home,

Protection And Shielding

During the hot summer months, the sun is bound to shine intensely through the windows. It’s a huge problem because the direct light entering the house adds more heat. If you have installed an HVAC system, the increased heat will affect the overall performance of your HVAC system, especially on hotter days. As such, the cooling components will be forced to work harder. Also, when there is excessive heat buildup in your home, it will force more cooling cycles of your HVAC system.

The frequent starting and stopping will eventually wear down the equipment. If you install shutters over your windows, you can easily block the sunlight, shield everyone from the outdoors and trap air. When the curtains are closed completely, they will prevent glare on the TV screens or other glass panels. Since shutters have adjustable rods, you should be able to control the visibility effortlessly. If you want to monitor kids outdoors on the driveway as they play, you can block sunlight by partially opening the window shutters. You should also be able to shut down the curtains this way as they hang on double-pane or single-pane windows.

Custom Options

Currently, shutters are available in different shapes and sizes. You can always buy something out of the ordinary and choose a custom design. You should be able to find something with convenient measurements and configurations. As such, you should be able to enhance different types of windows effortlessly. When choosing custom shutters, you should choose something that’s taller and wider than the installation area. If you add an inch to the final measurements, you should be able to hang the shutters without any restrictions. If necessary, you might have to trim the shutters to get a good fit. You need tools such as a radial arm saw, a mitre and a table to decorate the materials effortlessly. If you need better quality blinds, I would recommend investing in some aluminium blinds.

Proper Light Management

Once you have installed shutters, you should be able to manage how the light shines in your home. They control light properly since they have solid slats. On a summer day, sunlight seeps through the slats if they are fully or partially opened. Use the slats for the following.

• To nourish plants since your houseplants need sunlight to grow. Sunlight provides the necessary nutrients for growth. Once you have shutters installed, you can control how much sunlight your plants will receive by placing them next to your windows.
• To warm up during cold days when temperatures drop dramatically. Once you close a pair of shutters, you will trap the hot air from the HVAC system that often flows out of the vents. Once you install shutters and keep them closed, the heating cycles will be faster and you can reduce your monthly heating costs, effectively.

Improved Security

Most window shutters come with a latch or lock that adds an extra layer of protection. They will keep the curtains closed once they are shut. It is the first line of security so an intruder will have to break the lock to access the home.

Curb Appeal

The best window shutters will improve the curb appeal in your home. It will make the siding stand out if you choose any of these shutter designs.

• Panelled shutters are available in raised and recessed types as well as flat. They have an excellent profile that blends perfectly with siding on a vintage or modern home.
• Louvered shutters have wooden slats that overlap. If the architectural elements in your home lack flair, some louvred shutters can improve the design effortlessly.

Author: Transen