Google analytics offers a fantastic range of data that can be bamboozling to those who have not used it before. You find yourself asking questions such as “where do I start?” and “what area do I focus on?”. We are hosting an interactive Webinar on the 30th September at 1pm. The main focus of the Webinar is to help you answer these questions and grasp an understanding of Google Analytics. This session is going to help you walk away with confidence to be able to answer marketing questions and feel comfortable with key metrics in order to have a successful conversation with a client.

If you are interested in discussing your SEO requirements after the meeting, our SEO Agency in Hampshire can help you!

What am I reading?

We are aiming to divulge into the metrics of Google Analytics, to help our audience understand what it is they are reading and what the data stipulates. There are two pages that predominantly get clicked on as a novice learner “Audience Overview” and “Acquisition Overview” but the question is “what am I looking at and why is this important?” 

Author: Precious