Top Reasons Why Being A Nanny Is So Rewarding

You Can Be A Kid

One of the coolest things about being a nanny is being able to be a kid throughout each day. When you work as a nanny, you’ll go back to the times you were a kid. Who doesn’t want to do that? With so many more children’s toys than ever before, it’s a good time to look back and remember the good times you had. The tools are also a lot cooler and more fun to play with.


A lot of people assume that a nanny doesn’t do much. They assume that the nanny sits there and watches the kids play. While that’s certainly something a nanny does, that’s not all they do. There is always a baby screaming or a toddler running around that need to be watched simultaneously. This is the life of a nanny. Because of this, you need to become an expert multitasker. You will learn how to do multiple things at once. Whether it’s holding a baby, prepping lunch, or changing a diaper – you’ll need to be quick to change your focus. You will find yourself having gorilla feet before you know it where you can use your feet to pick up the remote control and more.


One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a nanny is being able to create and foster relationships with growing kids. You get to be there and experience a lot of cool moments that a parent usually only experiences. You’ll be there when the baby takes his/her first steps, you may be there when the baby begins to speak. Some things will blow you away about being a nanny and one of them is being able to form relationships with someone at such a young age and watch them grow.

You’re Forced To Be The Adult

No longer can you scream out for your parents to handle something for you. Instead, you need to do it yourself. After all, you’re the adult in the room. This means you have to take care of things that you normally relied on other people to do for you. If there’s a spider on the wall, you’ll be responsible for getting rid of it. If there is a mess on the floor, you need to clean it up. After lunch and dinner, you’ll find a stack of dishes in the sink. It’s your time to get the soap and start scrubbing. While you may have been able to rely on others in the past, that’s no longer the case. When you become a nanny, it teaches you how to become self-reliant real quick. This is something a lot of people would benefit from. If you are looking to hire a nanny to look after your children, I would recommend looking at the nanny services payroll for nannies offer.


When you are a nanny and spend so much time caring for someone else, you will quickly develop a feeling for them. You will find that seeing the kids you care for after school will bring a smile to your face and even their faces. This can make all of your worries disappear even if just for a moment.

Learn More Patience

One of the best things about being a nanny is the skills you learn along the way. One of those skills that will come in handy is being patient. Believe it or not, patience is truly a skill worth developing. When you are responsible for being the nanny for a baby or a toddler, your patience will be tested time and time again. A lot of people cannot handle it and they’ll want to rip their hair out. A nanny will learn to not only handle it, but they will get to the point where they can tackle a lot of other frustrating tasks and things outside of their job description without getting worked up.

Author: Transen