What is VoIP and What are the Benefits of It?

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A reputable VoIP service provider is invaluable. They can handle everything for you. There’s no work on your part required. When you’re signed up, you just plug in your phone and you’re ready to go. A VoIP system uses your internet connection to establish connectivity and relay voice messages.

What the system does is convert your phone calls into packets of data. These packets of data are then compressed and sent directly over the internet. You can use either a strong and steady wireless connection or hardwire your device to the internet to make VoIP calls. The beauty of it comes with the cost-effectiveness of the system. It’s much cheaper to make VoIP calls than to make calls from landline phones. Along with the cost advantages, there are plenty of other benefits that come with using VoIP service from Intouchcomms.

What’s the Difference?

A VoIP service isn’t hardwired via traditional copper wires. A landline phone is hardwired using copper wires. It transfers the voice call over these wires. A VoIP system uses the internet to place and hold the call. It doesn’t require a physical hardwired device because of this.

A traditional landline uses those analog copper lines to carry the signals. Therefore, whenever you want to place a call, you’ll need to have the existing wiring installed. Without it, you cannot place a call.

How does VoIP Work?

As mentioned, whenever you place a call using VoIP, the provider converts your voice to a digital file. This digital file is then compressed to make it easier to send over the internet. The provider is the one that sets up and manages the call. Because of this, it comes with a lot less cost than a traditional phone line. There’s much less of an initial cost associated with it because it doesn’t require physical hardwiring. It’s also much easier to send voice data over the internet which makes making long-distance calls much cheaper.

Voice over IP is a process of using internet protocol. It’s one of the essential building blocks of the internet itself. IP telephony is one of the more impressive innovations from an industry that hasn’t had many of them in a long time.

When it comes to placing phone calls, the convo is transmitted through very tiny data packets. These packets are sent around the globe within mere seconds. They transmit very quickly. When it comes to internet telephony, they are transmitted very quickly between both your VoIP provider and the phone itself.

A VoIP system that is installed will facilitate the call between all of the involved parties. It’s also going to deliver a lot of advanced features that you may find useful including but not limited to call recording, call forwarding, and even voicemail.

Here is a quick guide on how VoIP technology works:

  • First, your phone is connected to your router. VoIP needs internet for it to work.
  • Whenever you dial a number, the packets will be exchanged between your IP phone and the phone you’re calling.
  • The VoIP phone you are using will convert all of the digital signals into something you can hear.

Because of all of this, the packets themselves bypass a traditional telephone company completely. The beauty of VoIP is the ability to use it whenever and wherever you have a strong enough internet connection. It makes for an incredible upgrade over a traditional analogue phone system.

In the past, you had to make significant investments in VoIP-enabled hardware just to experience the benefits it can offer. You needed proprietary equipment that wasn’t accessible to people unwilling to spend a lot of money for it. However, that was in the past. Nowadays, you will find VoIP being built using open standards making it much more accessible and more affordable. You’ll also find that the open standard makes for a lot more products on the marketplace that are VoIP enabled.

There are cloud-based PBXs that are increasingly responsible for delivering some of the more advanced features like call routing and even conferencing. These systems end up acting much like an entire full-service phone company when you look at the capabilities they have.

Clear Benefits of VoIP

1. You’ll Spend Less

One of the crystal clear benefits of VoIP is the fact that you are going to spend a lot less on your phone system and long-distance calls. It can lower your phone bills by as much as 60% in some cases.

2. Better Quality Sound

You will notice a clear difference in sound quality when you go from a traditional phone call to one made with VoIP technology. It’s going to sound much clearer.

3. More Features

You can take advantage of a lot of the premium features that you would normally have to pay ridiculous costs for with a traditional phone system. These premium features can include call recording, auto attendants, and more. There’s a lot that you can do with a VoIP phone system that can completely change how you use phones.

Author: Transen