4 Reasons Why Working as an HGV Driver Might Be the Best Job for You

A big white truck cabin view from underneath against the sky

HGV drivers in the United Kingdom play an important role in the country’s supply chain by moving goods and commodities around the country. Their relevance to the UK economy has been proved during the last two years when the country was under lockdown.

Given the rise in the number of deliveries all over the globe, it comes as no surprise that there’s now a huge shortage of HGV drivers. Of course, this is bad news for consumers but it’s good news to people who wish to work as HGV drivers. HGV driver jobs are available right now, and they’re worth looking for because they come with a lot of great perks, such as a good salary, the freedom of being on the road, and the potential to ‘become your boss.’ If you are looking to improve your HGV driving skills, I do recommend doing some research into how to be a better HGV driver.

Continue reading to learn about 4 reasons why working as an HGV driver might be the best job for you if you’re considering a career in the driving industry.


Can’t stomach the idea of having a 9-to-5 job behind a desk or in a factory? — Becoming an HGV driver might be right for you. Everyone has various lifestyles and commitments to accommodate, and HGV driving allows you to work the hours that are most convenient for you.

Furthermore, a career as a driver allows you to get out and tour the country, meet new people, and listen to your favourite music while at work! Talk about true freedom.

Job Stability

A well-trained HGV driver will always be in demand – especially with the present driver shortage – ensuring that you will never be out of work. And, as we’ve seen with Covid-19, the world can be a dangerous place, so finding a job that provides an extra layer of protection to secure your future is a sensible choice.

The Money

Let’s face it, one of the most significant aspects when looking at careers is the pay. Well, you won’t be disappointed with a position as an HGV driver. While the normal beginning wage is roughly £20,000, the current driver scarcity has increased demand and raised salaries.

This implies that the earning potential has increased even further (depending on experience and training). HGV drivers earn between £30k and £40k on average, but this varies depending on the employer. Furthermore, most roles offer the opportunity to earn additional incentives and bonuses!

Easy To Get Into

Last but not least, just how much will you have to work to get into this lucrative career? It’s easier — and less expensive – than you would expect! First, you don’t need a degree to gain the proper credentials to drive an HGV. You will however have to pass a series of examinations before you can get behind the wheel.

You must also be at least 18 years old and hold a category B driver’s license. After that, you must pass a medical exam and apply for a provisional lorry driver’s license. Once you have this you’ll then need to pass a theory and practical test and gain your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence qualification.

It may sound a lot but the whole process only takes between 8-10 weeks and once qualified you’re ready to go. The costs of lessons aren’t too expensive either, especially when you consider the money you could be earning once you are up and running as an HGV driver. There are also many incentives to encourage new drivers to qualify so you may not even have to pay.

Wind Up

Yes, with the proper HGV driver training, anyone can become a driver. It is, however, not a career for everyone. Some people are better suited than others to it. Nevertheless, HGV driving is a great career with numerous benefits!

Author: Transen