6 Reasons to Move Your Office

If you are currently considering relocating your office, chances are you have come across numerous articles and people saying how arduous the process can be, and the numerous downsides. However, this can be an exhilarating step and a progressive one if your business is growing and has new needs. In this read, we are going to take a look at some of the many reasons to move office.

The Facilities are Outdated

If your utilities and services are unreliable, they can be an inconvenience that hinders your day to day operations. At worst, outdated premises pose severe health and safety concerns to both visitors and employees. Ensure the building is up to code by asking for an inspection. If the results show any issue, either fix the office or find a new location. If you need new office space if you are within Pterefields or the local area, Antrobus House can offer you serviced offices at affordable pricing to suit your budget and needs.

You’re in an Undesirable Location

While there are many things you can do to improve your current premises, changing the location is not one of them. If your business is in an undesirable location, you are bound to have trouble attracting the kind of clients and talent you need in order to grow and do make more sales. This is particularly the case for organizations that need employees with technical expertise and highly specialized skills. An ideal location is vital to serving your target audience, whether it means getting closer to your customers, competitors or suppliers and distributors.

It is Costing You Customers

You might find a bohemian style to be an excellent place to begin your business, but if your image is changing, then so should your office. Similar to how a non-profit group’s decision to hold a swanky address would make them suspicious and reduce their chances of getting funding, an office that does not match your brand image can be damaging. Your business premises creates an impression of your whole team and what you do. This means an unprofessional setting will instantly send the wrong message to potential clients and partners.

Your Team is Unhappy

Productivity is directly affected by the state of your employees. If they are unhappy at the workplace, productivity will take a hit. So, if you are having issues that affect the team’s happiness, it is time to look for another location.

The Market Tells You It is Time

Perhaps you got into a rising neighbourhood and an appealing real-estate market, meaning your modest investment will give you a profitable return. You’ll want to leverage and upgrade your premises with future growth in mind, even if you are ahead of schedule. On the contrary, you might have a space in the same neighbourhood and can no longer afford to pay the rent due to gentrification. Even if you would like to stay, if your finances say it is time to relocate, you should.

It is Not the Right Size

Your space may reach a point where it does not work, whether you’re too many or too few. Overcrowded spaces reduce productivity as the employees cannot concentrate. The same applies to workplaces with too much space. Emptiness could lead to negative energy, which is the last thing you need, especially for a growing business. So, make the effort to look for a fitting office.

Author: Transen