The Importance of Social Media Marketing in 2022

2021 had a big impact on our professional lives. Zoom become the go-to-meeting place, and webinars became regular. One of the most impactful changes was social media and how it provided a chance to learn, grow our brands, and find new career opportunities. This shows the power of social media marketing.

This is when marketing professionals decided to focus more on social media marketing strategy.

Social media has given marketers the chance of connecting and engage potential customers where they are at Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and newer platforms like TikTok. Marketers can engage with their audience when they have a good social media strategy and the ability to create relevancy.

The trend is going to continue with social media becoming more and more important in 2022, and companies have the chance of advancing their approach.

Why social media is important for your business

B2B companies are looking to sell products to other businesses, but it is still built on human relationships. Social media has become a great tool for growing most of these relationships, but it become even more accelerated in the recent past.

B2B marketers need an outlet to connect with partners and prospects after in-person events become difficult. Most of them realized they can do that through social media.

B2B leaders can get the following benefits by using social media:

Building Brand Awareness

Companies can tell their story across different platforms. They can also use it to let people know about the services they offer and also update their audience using employee and customer stories.

If they can manage to leverage the voice of their employees, they have a chance of extending their brand reach even further. An employee has a personal network with each having hundreds of contacts. Each of these contents is also connected to hundreds of other contacts.

Generating leads

When they post videos, data, news, and interesting trends, they create meaningful conversations and engagement. The strategies are going to help in building credibility with potential customers and gaining leads. If your company is involved in account marketing within Surrey or the local area, I would advise you to google search ‘Account-Based Marketing Agency Surrey‘.

Nurturing Leads

Social selling lets you build relationships with leads and sales professionals. Leveraging their thought leadership pieces is going to benefit them because of social proofing and it can also help in solving problems, which will help the sales team build credibility and trust.

Implementing social listening

Listening to your customers and what others are saying about the company is important. This gives you the chance of getting feedback and how people see your brand. You will be able to improve the weaker areas of the business and also reinforce aspects that are working well.

Connecting social posts to opportunities
Connecting social posts to opportunities

Using enterprise solutions, they can drive customer posts to CRM to learn more about the customer.

Measuring marketing efforts

Social media management tools allow you to track key performance metrics. There are times when it is possible to assign a monetary value to customer engagement. Earned media value is one of the metrics that will let you know the amount of social engagement and reach you would have if you paid in ads.

Building brand authenticity

When you engage on social media, you have an opportunity to build trust with your prospective customers, talent/employees, and partners. This is especially true in cases where other people promote the brand or products. It is more likely to trust advice or recommendation from friends and family than from official brand channels.

Driving though leadership

Social media is a good way of knowing the problems and interests of people. Being on social media gives brands the chance of driving through leadership by solving problems. You should be creating webinars, how-to guides, and other content that is going to help people. The people are going to appreciate that and can trust your brand and will see you as a source for guidance.

Author: Transen