Advertising With Labels: How To Ensure Business Success

Marketing is a huge part of the business. It is important to get the word out about who you are and what you are doing. Sometimes this takes a bit of innovation on your part, particularly when it comes to using promotional materials to advertise your business. Labels are a very useful product, but they must include specific information if you want to get the most value out of them.

Having custom labels made for your company can be a unique, eye-catching way to garner attention for your business. However, make sure to put several important details on the stickers. To start, the name of the business and the logo should be visible. Ensure there is a contact number, email, and physical address. Add the website address and put on a slogan or message that potential customers will remember.

Promotional Techniques

There are many ways to incorporate labels and stickers into your marketing strategy, and what works for your business may be different from what works for another company. Still, there are a number of steps you can take that will make a difference. If you are a company specialising in a type of bottling business, I would recommend bottle label printing to promote your product.

Automobile Decals

By placing decals on your personal vehicle and any company cars in your fleet, you have the potential to reach many new customers for minimal cost. There are a variety of styles available, and they are made to withstand the weather elements. How big or how small you decide to go is completely up to you.

Waiting Rooms

Does your business have a physical location? Set up the waiting room with customised water bottles that have your business decal on them. You could also hand out pens with your business name or find other creative ways to advertise. And don’t stop with just your waiting room. Reach out to other local businesses and see if they would be receptive to giving out a few of your items as well.


Do you require your staff to wear uniforms? Make sure the business name, logo, and slogan are on any shirts or outerwear that you have created. Even if you don’t have a dress code, think about printing up stickers that employees can place on their shirts each day. These stickers could also go on aprons or hats as well. This helps your employees look more professional and has the added benefit of advertising your business too.

Local Events

There are so many local events that take place on a daily basis, everything from weddings to store promotions and openings. Whenever you hear about a local event taking place, find the contact information for the organiser. Ask if you can promote your business by providing water bottles or snacks, giving away pens/notepads, etc. Of course, these items must have labels with your business information on them. This winds up being a win-win situation for all involved; you are able to advertise to a number of potential customers and the event organiser is able to garner free items for their guests.

Shows & Festivals

Keep an eye out for any shows or festivals in your area. These are great places to promote your business. Make sure to contact the organiser early, however, to ensure you are able to participate. You can really use stickers and labels to your advantage at these events, but think outside the box and come up with other advertising techniques as well. You really can’t go wrong as long as you are getting the word out about your business.

Author: Transen