How To Choose The Best Design For Your Dream Kitchen

Traditional Kitchens

When you think about traditional kitchens, you might think of those days when everyone gathered around to bake cookies or make a huge Christmas dinner. This is exactly what should come to mind when thinking about traditional kitchens. This is the place in which traditions begin and are carried on. When thinking about the overall style of the kitchen, you should think about a timeless look. This is usually going to feature white tiles, decorative moldings, painted or stained cabinets in addition to vintage-look light fixtures and steel appliances.

Farmhouse/Country Kitchen

The general loom and feel of a country kitchen are going to range from an organic rustic to somewhat more modern. Wherever it should fall on this spectrum, it is designed to add a warm feeling to the home in which life comes together. Farmhouse kitchens are designed to balance functionality with comfort through the use of wide sinks, open shelving, large kitchen islands, classic flooring, vintage handles, as well as a pale colour scheme such as a yellow with blue hues. When considering a farmhouse look, one should consider an inviting and comfortable lived-in look.

Modern Kitchens

The general definition of a modern kitchen is going to vary quite dramatically based on who you ask. However, there are going to be a few specifics that will remain consistent between all of the variations. There is going to be a rather sleek and sexy look throughout the design, with frameless cabinets, chrome hardware, and a general minimalistic look. The modern kitchen is going to be comprised of high-quality materials that will include stainless steel and exotic woods. If your home is based in surrey snd looking for a new kitchen design, I would recommend google searching kitchens Surrey.

Contemporary Kitchens

Similar to the modern design, a contemporary kitchen is going to place an emphasis on the sleek and flawless design with more of a playful element and design in the overall finish. With a contemporary style, it is possible to use a wide variety of materials and integrate other elements into the overall design and still manage to infuse some of your personality into it. The contemporary design features a minimalistic approach while opting for open space for an infusion of making it your own.


Through the mixing of contemporary and traditional designs, it is possible to create a transitional kitchen. A transitional kitchen is going to be able to give you the best of both worlds, allowing for a clean and minimalistic design in addition to the warm feel of a traditional design. The end result is one that is able to blend modern sophistication along with a feeling of familiarity. Transitional kitchens are best for those people who have a number of different tastes and want something that is going to be both flexible and comfortable.

Rustic Kitchen Design

As one could imply from the name, a “rustic kitchen” is going to take the words worn and distressed and make them into positives. As you walk into a rustic kitchen, you are going to notice a general abundance of stone and wood that will most likely be used throughout the design. However, upon closer inspection, one will notice open shelving, unique textured pieces, vintage appliances, oak flooring, and distressed finishes. When considering rustic designs, it is a combination of practicality and simplicity similar to what was found in log cabins.

Author: Transen