Reasons For Considering Natural Stone Countertops When Revamping Your Kitchen

Natural stone might be abundant, but it costs more. Stone surfaces include marble, soapstone, limestone, and granite. The material is more expensive than laminate or linoleum, but the benefits are worth paying the extra amount. Below are five undeniable benefits of using natural stone for your countertops.

1. Easier To Maintain And Superior Durability

With stone surfaces, you will do less maintenance on your countertops than when dealing with linoleum or laminate. Moreover, the natural stone surface lasts longer. It is a worthwhile investment worth considering, especially if you pick non-porous stones like quartz that requires negligible care.

Other stone options, like marble and granite, are durable but require periodic sealing, preferably once a year. Nonetheless, they are relatively straightforward, sustaining little to no cuts or scratches or significant wearing like laminated surfaces. Hence, you can go decades using the stone countertops without needing to replace the surfaces.

Show your natural stone countertops some TLC (tender, loving, care), and they can last a lifetime. Also, please note that every stone type has its unique care requirements; thus, some will not last long as others. For instance, marble is not stain-resistant as quartz. Nevertheless, natural stone surfaces are relatively sturdier and last longer than artificial stone, and are easier to maintain.

2. A Quick And Efficient Kitchen Revamp Solution

Are you considering remodelling your dated kitchen but are worried about the cost implications of such a revamp? A complete facelift can set you back roughly $10,000 or even upwards of $35,000. It all depends on the materials and upgrades you want.

But you can keep the costs down and manage to give your kitchen a new look without gutting the entire room. For instance, installing a new countertop can inject some refreshing vibrance. A fresh coat of paint on the walls cabinetry will also be an excellent option that complements your new natural stone countertops. And you can do these without an extensive budget or the inconveniences associated with ripping up the whole kitchen. If you are interested in investing in a new kitchen and bathroom, it would definitely be worth looking at what Zenstone offer.

3. Increased Home Value and Buyer Appeal

Remodelling the kitchen is one of the options that can increase buyer appeal if you are thinking of selling your home. Property buyers consider natural stone a better solution than non-stone and laminate surfaces. A kitchen with quartz or granite surfaces looks impressive and is easier to maintain. Therefore, home buyers are likely to pay more if a home has undergone some upgrades than doing the upgrades themselves.

Natural stone countertops are a cost-effective investment. You can recoup what you put into the installation over time because they increase your home’s value, making your property a competitive listing in the market. That means your house will attract more potential buyers than the competing property down the street if you have installed natural stone countertops. Moreover, you are likely to get the price you are asking or something close to it than what your competition is asking for their listing.

4. Family-Friendly Surfaces For Everyday Use

Overall, your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where the family gathers to enjoy meals and have heart conversations. That also means the kitchen surfaces experience significant punishment from the different activities, like the kids doing their home, the daily cooking, or even being where you toss your gym bag, office work, and other things when you get back home.

Hence, natural stone countertops will be the perfect option because you need surfaces that can withstand daily abuse. You want countertops that you can easily wipe off the crayon drawings, spilt juices, and food crumbs without much fuss. Laminate countertops cannot withstand such a beating, with stain and bubble quickly, and require a bit of work to clean and maintain.

Author: Transen