The Best Products For Parks And Zoos

When designing zoos and parks, FRP products and speciality steel should be integral to ensure a safe and successful environment. Anti-slip walkways, fences and other items should be fully utilized to make sure that everyone understands where they need to be and how to stay safe in that area. On the other hand, the aesthetics should be enticing to passers-by and customers. Behind the scenes, as employees work, their workplaces should also be safe. Safe steel products can save a lot of money and lives if used the right way. Below are some of the popularly used products and their applications in zoos and parks.

Applications For Recreational Parks And Zoos

With full access to FRP products and fabricated speciality steel, you can easily design the perfect zoo and park areas that are comfortable enough for any visitor. The traditional spots such as the platforms, walkways, fencing, and railways will keep attractions and the animals separate from people who want to feel safe as they have fun. Yes, animal containment in zoos and having an aesthetic appeal in recreational parks is important. However, the safety of patrons and employees can’t be underestimated.

Pipe bridges on handrails, walkways and buildings are always important aspects of having a safe environment. You can count on the durability of speciality steel that can withstand the elements. You should invest in fabricated speciality steel for recreational parks and zoos for various applications. If you are needing specials types of fencing for the animal enclosures within the zoo, I would recommend google searching for companies that can offer acoustic fencing.

Products For Parks And Zoos

FRP products and speciality steel can withstand any type of environment, even wet ones. You can always count on the highest level of structural integrity. Even better, there is improved aesthetic appeal. You can choose anything from the available inventory to guarantee a customized solution for your needs.

  1. Bar Grating – The bar grating materials offer a panelled, reliable and load-bearing surface popularly used in large facilities. It is a great choice for application in different areas around zoos and parks. With riveted, welded, aluminium, press-locked and heavy-duty options as well as bar grating stair treads, people will remain safe and mobile throughout the zoo or a water park.
  2. Expanded Metal – It is a strong and lightweight metal. It’s perfect for security fencing, concrete reinforcement and patios. The expanded metal comes with diamond-shaped openings that improve the aesthetic appeal. It is usually coated with PVC or powder coating to create tables, chairs and benches.
  3. Orsogril® fencing material – It is a very beautiful material commonly used for fencing. It’s a great choice for various architectural projects. Mesh fencing that has been recently welded offers the highest level of security without any footholds climbing and see-through properties. On the other hand, Sterope grating improves the aesthetics and overall solidity. That’s why it’s commonly found in school buildings or car parks.
  4. Perforated Metal – You can choose a custom-fabricated perforated metal that comes with round hole patterns, and custom-punched, slotted and square holes. These decorative and ornamental patterns are useful for recreational areas because they mix form and function. They come in handy for filtration, ventilation and various types of architectural fixtures. They are perfect for a zoo or park with both outdoor and indoor fixtures.
  5. Wire Mesh – It is a wire cloth that can be used in various areas. It is also very versatile. You can choose both woven wire mesh or welded wire cloth for the best results. Wire cloths come with the highest level of versatility and strength. As such, it’s a good product that can be used for hand railings for the public as well as security fencing.
Author: Transen