Advantages Of A Conservatory

There are lots of studies that clearly show that natural light exposure significantly improves productivity, health and overall happiness. Due to this, you can easily hear lots of these tips on the radio where daily light exposure is encouraged to improve sleep, health etc. Since humans became civilised, they started building shelters and homes in order to create more comfortable environments where they can shelter from the sun, rain and other natural elements. This enabled us to work and play no matter what the weather or environment was like. This has led to an increase in darkness and may have likely caused our natural circadian rhythm to get disrupted.

One solution to this problem is conservatories. A conservatory can be seen as a celebration of light and the union of our man-made shelters and the external world, within our home. Conservatories help us to reunite with the natural world and how important this is.

Natural View

Now, nature is a lot more than simply light. When you spend time in nature, this works to have many positive effects on your body such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, improving energy levels etc. This can also help you to become more creative and focused. There are lots of people who indicate they have a love for nature, however, the true positive impact is undervalued. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people spend only about 5% of their time outdoors every day.

Practical Area

The great thing about conservatories is that they can be quite flexible and it doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating and adding on to your existing home or building a new home. When there is extra space, this can fulfil lots of different needs. For example, expanding the kitchen and dining area to create a more spacious entertaining area even a relaxing space so you can enjoy your orchids. One of the best ways to add on to your home is with a conservatory as this can give you a lot more than any other type of room in your home.

Garden For Life

If you love gardens, then you will surely love the practicality of a greenhouse. Conservatories that were made in the 16th century were typically made to offer coverage and protection to citrus trees in the winter or the cold. Then over time, these changed from places meant for plants to spaces meant for people. Now, in modernly constructed conservatories, plants aren’t ignored. You can choose to have as much of a garden as you desire. Alternatively, you can design it in such a way that there is a lot more space between yourself and your plants. You can choose to have them by your windows so that they appear to be one with your landscaping. Alternatively, you can have more plants and have areas for exotic plants such as bougainvillaea. You can create a conservatory that is inspired by your garden which will surely inspire you as well. If you are interested in making your back garden more homely, I would recommend doing some research into the benefits of conservatories.

Unique Feelings

The great thing about unique things is that we are usually drawn to them. We typically want to experience these as a part of our daily lives. A conservatory can certainly fulfil this need. There are others who may want to create a conservatory as a showpiece as the external view will surely increase your home’s curbside appeal. After all, your home is a reflection of who you are and a conservatory can show what matters to you.

There are many benefits of having a conservatory and you may find that many of these benefits may be unique to you. However, they will certainly add life to your home. They will also have a beneficial effect on your health, well being, light exposure and provide more space to enjoy. It truly gives us the ability to change our environment as we see fit and create our own beautiful and unique garden.

Author: Transen