Top Health Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Improve Your Immune System

Outdoor air is typically fresh full of phytoncides. Phytoncides are airborne chemicals that are produced by plants to protect themselves from being invaded by insects. Based on the Department of Environmental Conservation, breathing in these chemicals causes one body to react and produce more white blood cells. These cells are important as far as killing viruses and infected body cells are concerned.

Point to note: Cedar, pine trees, and common oak are known to produce large amounts of phytoncides. If you are not allergic to them, it is advisable to include them in your landscaping.

Boost Vitamin D Levels

Operating between your work schedule, movement, and the recommended time of sleep (about 7 to 8 hours), it is almost impossible to get enough time to bask in the sun. Unfortunately, this indicates that many working folks end up missing out on the vital free Vitamin D. Having an outdoor living space can increase your vitamin D levels notably. As little as 20 minutes of sunshine a day can help you feel better during off days or simply long hours indoors.
Point to note: Ensure you efficiently wear sunscreen during these prolonged sun exposure moments.

Decrease Inflammation

Apart from the benefits of absorbing enough vitamin D, an outdoor living space reduces inflammation. Being outside is sure to practice grounding or earthing. The science behind this states that grounding is a great way of connecting with the earth’s supplies. The earth provides the body with negative electrons, which are important as they aid in neutralizing the damaging radicals that come with chronic inflammation.

Tip: Start the day by putting away your shoes and hand watering your lawn. Taking a stroll in the damp grass is a good way of practising earthing.

Impede Nearsightedness

For the young ones, having more time outdoors has proven to prevent the development of nearsightedness or myopia. In adults, having less screen time and settling outdoors has also proven to reduce eye strain, headaches, and stress linked to computer vision syndrome.

Mood Booster

Science has proven from time to time that you need to sniff flowers. In Japan, there is a tradition known as forest bathing where an individual simply takes a moment to connect with nature using all human senses. In 2019 a study found that forest bathing had significant effects on mental health, especially the individuals with depressive tendencies. If you need assistance with outdoor living, Outashade offers a range of services to support your outdoor living experience.

Enhance Relationships

It is common knowledge that communication is crucial when it comes to relationships. Your relationship can greatly benefit from something as simple as spending time together outdoors. Having quality time together in nature increases cognitive abilities, which helps both of you to rewind and think. In return, this improves your relationship.

Improvement of Prosocial Behavior

A study by the University of California has found that spending time outdoors can lead to an increase in voluntary actions that tend to help a group or even an individual. Sights and sounds can trigger positive emotions, which can easily cause happiness and the desire to help others.

Author: Transen